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Hedgerow Heaven's team of foragers, are dedicated to professionally foraging and harvesting the wonderful & powerful wild fruits, nuts, herbs & botanical's  from the rural hedgerows of Oxfordshire.

All produce is sustainable & wild foraged from local organic private farmland & nature reserves.

We abide by the laws of the land and the codes of practice for the countryside, and operate site-specific management plans including harvest rotations to protect biodiversity and sustainability.

We hold full Public & Product Liability Insurance for everything we do. 

Local Authorities F S A (Food Standards Agency) 5 Star Rating.  

Equipment includes our purpose built commercial sized hot air drier room, that helps retain flavour & power longer than other forms of drying, helping us provide the best quality of produce straight from the fields, forests & hedgerows.

Offering a bespoke service to our select client base within the food & drink industries, botanical suppliers, herbalists and pet food industry.



Foraging Service
Bespoke Preparations
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Botanical Drying Service

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